Horizontal Hydraulic Press

Horizontal presses have a distinctive hydraulic system that safeguards them from overloading and come with the two-speed plan as a prototype. They can run at high speed for short periods and then instantly switch to slower speeds for longer runs. The advantages of this are considerable, especially where you need high pressures and need to move slowly through the material. Horizontal Hydraulic Press is a robust and powerful valuable machine for any number of applications. The ability to change speed quickly is instrumental in many industries, from manufacturing to construction. The primary purpose of a horizontal press is to shape workpieces that are longer or shorter than the length of a vertical press. Horizontal presses have two platens instead of one; one standing fixed while the other is portable. Since it is challenging to mount fixtures on both sides of a horizontal press, this type of machine has a protective mechanism on its hydraulic system to avoid overload and have different tools attached.