Four post (Pillar type) press

The most common press design is the four-post hydraulic press. This design is the most versatile as a result of having no size limits, and can be adapted to nearly any process. The four-post press design can be configured in a vertical or horizontal position as the process and space available dictate. Precise control technologies ensure that the four post presses are precise and efficient. Operator access is allowed from all four sides of the hydraulic press so it is very well suited for many different applications.This heavy-duty production press is built for continuous operation. It uses four heavy-duty, large-diameter, shouldered columns to tie the frame together. These large-diameter columns precision-guide the moving platen or press slide. This ensures exceptionally consistent upper and lower die alignment, minimizes deflection, and eliminates "lean-back." Any deflection that does occur in this style of press is straight up and down. It also enables loading of the press from any of the four sides, permitting easy integration into production lines and manufacturing cells.