Scrap Bailing Press

Hydraulic scrap bailing press is specially designed and manufactured for easy processing of ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic scrap in different forms. These machines are known for compressing leftover junk, metallic chips, structural metallic waste and plastic waste into dense blocks or cuboidal bales. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be compacted by our hydraulic baling press to increase the density of scrap. It reduces the storage and transportation costs and makes it easy to handle and charge in the furnace. We offer the hydraulic baling press in different models which helps the user to select the machine as per the operation. We are happy to design specially customized mod els for your operation.

We build highly advanced semi-automatic and automatic scrap baling press which will save you time and manual labour and reduce the overall operating costs. We build balers depending on the unique metal scrap management needs of customers. Type of scrap, quantity to be baled, and productivity required, every aspect is taken into consideration. We serve a wide spectrum of customers including scrap yards, rolling mills, furnaces and melting units and bigger manufacturing units that generate metal scrap. Whether it’s steel, copper, zinc, iron, stainless steel, MS, aluminium, or some other metal alloy, we guarantee the best results with our machines.